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Probing Human Vulnerability to Ocean Acidification Uncovers Mitigation and Adaptation Opportunities

Sarah Cooley, Ocean Conservancy
Julia Ekstrom, U. California Davis
Lisa Suatoni, Natural Resources Defense Council

‘Lost’ turtles don’t go with flow

Originally Published by BBC News – Science & Environment

A new tracking study shows that young sea turtles make a concerted effort to swim in particular directions, instead of drifting with ocean currents.

Can volcanoes tackle climate change?

Originally Published by Environment | The Guardian

Two hundred years ago a volcanic eruption cooled the Earth and led to Mary Shelley creating Frankenstein. As scientists consider radical measures to deal with global warming, Jack Stilgoe assesses experiments with potentially monstrous ramifications Continue reading…

Fukushima radiation hits North American shores: Oregon environment news

Originally Published by Oregon Live

Radiation from Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor has been found on the shores of Vancouver Island, The Associated Press reports. This is the first time radiation from the disaster has been detected on North American land.

Sea sponge anchors are natural models of strength

Originally Published by Earth & Climate News — ScienceDaily

The Venus’ flower basket sea sponge has hair-like appendages that hold it in place on the sea floor. Researchers show that the internal structure of those fibers is fine-tuned for strength. The findings from this natural system could inform the engineering of load-bearing structural members.

Brontosaurus dino name is revived

Originally Published by BBC News – Science & Environment

The iconic name Brontosaurus, which was once used to describe a titanic family of dinosaurs, is being revived after it was killed off more than a century ago.

Western Canada’s glaciers may all but vanish by 2100

Originally Published by New Scientist – Environment

The first major study to consider the way melting glaciers move and change shape produces much bleaker predictions of their disappearance

Great Lakes Shoreline Wetland Response to Global Climate Change

Category: Monitoring Wetlands and Mitigating Floods
Project Team: Great Lakes Climate II
Team Location: NASA Langley Research Center – Hampton, Virginia

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