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How oil spill chemicals cause heart failure in fish

Originally Published by EarthSky

UK’s top developers join forces to build flood-relief apps at emergency hack day

Originally Published by Environment news, comment and analysis from the Guardian | theguardian.com

Hundreds of developers spent Sunday coding apps to help those affected by floods in the south of England.

Indian Microgrids Aim to Bring Millions Out of Darkness

Originally Published by Yale Environment 360

Leveraging the Climate for Improved Malaria Control in Tanzania

Tufa Dinku1*, Augustine Kanemba2, Barbara Platzer3 and Madeleine C. Thomson1,4

1 International Research Institute for Climate and Society, Earth Institute, Columbia University- Lamont Campus, Palisades, New York, USA
2 Tanzania Meteorological Agency, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
3 Columbia Global Center-Africa, Nairobi, Kenya
4 Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, New York, New York, USA


10 Earth Images We Love

As a special tribute for Valentine’s Day, our Earthzine team has compiled images of the Earth we love. The following is a roundup of the beauty we don’t get to see every day.

Earth as Art Collection

First up are a few images from the Earth as Art collection, some of the best satellite images of the Earth you’ll find. From afar, these images almost appear to be paintings.

Endangered sea turtles fall victim to fishery bycatch

TurtlesPan-Atlantic analysis of the overlap of a highly migratory species, the leatherback turtle, with pelagic longline fisheries.

Nasa plans 3D printer space launch

Originally Published by BBC News - Science & Environment

China offers solar power tax rebates

Originally Published by BBC News - Science & Environment

Get ready! Comet ISON to sweep closely past Mars on October 1

Originally Published by EarthSky

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