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Climate science must listen to indigenous voices

Originally Published by Island Business

– One of my most cherishable memories at the University of the South Pacific is that of a visit to the journalism students’ newsroom by a small group of quaintly dressed people, some of them wearing heavy furs and thick skintight leather jackets, rugged blankets and heavy boots.

Lingering Ice on Minnesota Lakes

 NASAOriginally Published by NASA Earth Observatory - A cool spring left several lakes in northern Minnesota covered in ice, weeks beyond the norm.

Australia’s ‘unpopular’ carbon price isn’t to blame for Labor’s poor polling

Originally Published by The Guardian

– Claims that Julia Gillard’s unpopularity were linked to her introduction of carbon pricing in 2012 don’t stack up.

Nanoscavengers could usher in next generation water purification

Photo of antarctica.Originally Published by The Washington Post - The frozen landscape, dry valleys and active volcanoes that make up Antarctica provide a living laboratory for scientific study and a wondrous journey for those traveling to the ends of the Earth.

New Red List to focus on ecosystems rather than species

Originally Published by New Scientist

– We may be living through the sixth great extinction. Rather than trying to preserve individual species, should we be focusing more of our efforts on saving entire ecosystems?

Sun unleashes ‘X-Class’ solar flare

Originally Published by BBC News

– The Sun has unleashed a massive solar flare – the most powerful of 2013 so far.

Peak oil, climate change and pipeline geopolitics driving Syria conflict | Nafeez Ahmed

Originally Published by Orion Magazine

– To learn how to live in a post-petroleum world, recall the pre-petroleum world where blacksmiths made everything: tools, nails, hinges, lamps, hooks, gates, and railings.

Astronaut’s Bowie cover farewell

Clip from Commander Hadfield's Bowie cover video. Originally Published by The BBC News - Canadian commander Chris Hadfield has shared with the world his cover version of David Bowie's Space Oddity, which he recorded on the International Space Station.

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