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Anti-badger cull rally takes place

Originally Published by BBC News

– Several hundred people attend a rally in London opposing the badger culls aimed at tackling TB in cattle.

Bay Blues

Originally Published by NASA Earth Observatory

– Landsat 8 can observe wavelengths of blue light that will make it easier to observe the swirl of life and water along the world’s coastlines.

Apes are emotional about choices

 BBCOriginally Published by the BBC - Chimpanzees and bonobos react emotionally - sometimes appearing to throw "tantrums" - when they take risks that fail to pay off, say scientists.

Scientists Discover High Mercury Levels in Amazon Residents, Gold-Mining to Blame

Originally Published by ENN

– The Madre de Dios region in Peru is recognized for its lush Amazon rainforests, meandering rivers and rich wildlife.

U.S. Senate Bars GMO Labels as March Against Monsanto Revs Up

 Monsanto Originally Published by ENS - Two days before thousands of people across the United States plan to march against Monsanto’s genetically engineered crops, the U.S.

Sizing Up Galeras

Originally Published by NASA Earth Observatory

– An airborne radar instrument allows scientists to ascertain the shape of a Colombian volcano. Future measurements will help detect how it is changing.

Research on Microbes Points To New Tools for Conservation

Photo of a pair of frogs. Courtesy of Vance VrendenburgOriginally Published by e360 - Improvements in DNA technology now make it possible for biologists to identify every living organism in and around a species.

VIDEO: Why burn US trees in UK power stations?

Originally Published by BBC News

– The BBC’s environment analyst, Roger Harrabin, explains why millions of American trees are being shipped to the UK for burning in power stations.

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