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The Pacific islands losing a way of life to climate change – in pictures

Originally Published by Environment | The Guardian

Over 150,000 people living on the low-lying atolls of Kiribati and the Marshall Islands are threatened by rising sea levels and as flooding becomes more common, relocation is the only option left

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El Niño has arrived, says NOAA

Originally Published by EarthSky

Atlantic Sturgeon: An Ancient Fish Struggles Against the Flow

Originally Published by Yale Environment 360

Once abundant in the rivers of eastern North America, the Atlantic sturgeon has suffered a catastrophic crash in its populations. But new protections under the U.S. Endangered Species Act are giving reason for hope for one of the world’s oldest fish species.

Jet Fuel from Algae?

Originally Published by Oceanus Magazine

California fault lines and earthquake probabilities

Originally Published by Google Earth Blog

Ocean Plastic Gets Cloudy

Debris floating in the ocean, seen from below

Marine debris in Hawaii, as seen from below. Image: NOAA

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