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‘Ornamental’ faced ceratopsian found in China

Originally Published by EurekAlert! – Earth Science

Economically viable US renewable generation

Originally Published by Earth & Climate News — ScienceDaily

Convection Cycles, Atmosphere, and Ocean Work Symbiotically

Scientists review studies of the tropical Madden-Julian Oscillation to better frame its role in air-sea interactions.

Bhutan has ‘most ambitious pledge’ at the Paris climate summit

Originally Published by Environment | The Guardian

Himalayan kingdom’s forests absorb three times more CO2 emissions than its population create, helping to make it the world’s most ‘carbon negative’ country, new analysis show.



Migratory birds ‘lack world protection’

Originally Published by BBC News – Science & Environment

More than 90% of migratory birds are poorly protected on their marathon journeys around the world, according to research.

Farmers benefit from satellite coverage

Originally Published by ESA Top News

Farmers can now call on the latest satellite information using the unique TalkingFields service to get the best from their land while cutting the environmental cost.

Benthic Microbial Fuel Cell Uses Ocean Microorganisms to Generate Power

The benthic microbial fuel cell, advanced by U.S. Naval Research Laboratory scientist Dr. Lenny Tender, will undergo ocean testing as part of a multi-year effort to develop a continuously operated power source for ocean sensors.

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