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Great Barrier Reef water quality under threat without urgent funding – report

Originally Published by Environment | The Guardian

Queensland report calls for corporate and philanthropic funding to help cut water pollution as a bulwark against climate change

Governments will need to move faster and find more money to meet “ambitious” targets of cutting pollution in Great Barrier Reef waters, a Queensland government taskforce has found.

Climate change: Will ‘1.5 to stay alive’ deal be enough to save Seychelles?

Originally Published by Environment | The Guardian

The half a degree difference between the target of 1.5C – included in the draft text with the agreed goal of 2C – is critical for small, low-lying coastal states


Landmark Agreement on Climate Is Reached in Paris to Cap Warming

Originally Published by Yale Environment 360

Climate negotiators meeting in Paris have achieved a deal that could change the world.

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Two Billion People at Risk of Losing Water Supplies Due to Snowpack Loss

Originally Published by Yale Environment 360

Roughly 2 billion people are at risk of declining water supplies in the northern hemisphere due to decreasing snowpack, according to Snowpack in the Lesser Caucasus mountains.


Call for Papers: Socioeconomic Benefits


Socioeconomic Benefits: Connecting Earth Observations to Address Society’s Needs

2015 Quarterly Theme, Issue 4
Sept. 12, 2015-March 21, 2016

Fires Put a Carbon Monoxide Cloud over Indonesia

Originally Published by NASA Earth Observatory

In September 2015, fires in Indonesia produced prodigious amounts of carbon monoxide.

‘Ornamental’ faced ceratopsian found in China

Originally Published by EurekAlert! – Earth Science

Economically viable US renewable generation

Originally Published by Earth & Climate News — ScienceDaily

Convection Cycles, Atmosphere, and Ocean Work Symbiotically

Scientists review studies of the tropical Madden-Julian Oscillation to better frame its role in air-sea interactions.

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