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Plankton Bloom, Black Sea

Originally Published by NASA Earth Observatory

– Rivers transport nutrient-filled urban and agricultural runoff into this inland sea, promoting phytoplankton blooms.

Your best photos: May 2013 supermoon

Rising supermoon on May 24, 2013 as seen in Elk, California by our friend Mendocinosportplus.Originally Published by EarthSky.org - The May 24-25 full moon moon is one day away from lunar perigee – the moon’s closest point to Earth for this month.

Introducing PubPeer.com

Originally Published by RealClimate

– The process of reviewing published science is constantly occurring and is now commonly being called post-publication peer review.

Breakup Continues on the Wilkins Ice Shelf

 NASAOriginally Published by NASA Earth Observatory - Wave action and glacial dynamics split another chunk of ice off of the Antarctic Peninsula in March 2013.

Turtle rescued after swallowing plastic

Originally Published by BBC News

– An injured turtle found by a fisherman in Florida has been returned to the sea after being treated at a rescue centre.

Scientist at Work Blog: A Vital River, Drained of Wildlife

Originally Published by The NY Times

– A researcher and his family watched as pairs of Irrawaddy dolphins breached and frolicked, their whimsical play in sharp contrast to the species’ grim reality.

The Smartest, Greenest Grid

 Nicky BonneOriginally Published by IEEE Spectrum - What the little Danish island of Bornholm is showing the world about the future of energy.

Active Fault May Block Restart of Tsuruga Reactor in Japan

Originally Published by The NY Times

– The No. 2 reactor at Tsuruga now faces indefinite stoppage or likely decommissioning unless its operator provides new data on the fault.    

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