Inter-American Development Bank Sustainability Report 2013 (Report Summary)

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Workshop: Earth Observations and the Water Energy Food Nexus

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Dear Colleague,

The European Space Agency, the Global Water Systems Project and the Food and Agricultural Organization invite you to a workshop on Earth observations and their contribution to the Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus. The workshop will take place from 25-27 March 2014 at FAO Headquarters in Rome, Italy. It is aimed at reviewing and synthesizing the current state of Earth observation applications to WEF issues and the information needs of data users from across a range of sectors.


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World Water Day 2014: Water and Energy

Water and energy ar

2014 UN-Water Annual International Zaragoza Conference

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In preparation for World Water Day 2014, which in 2014 focuses on water and energy issues, the UN Office to support the International Decade for Action 'Water for Life'/UN-Water Decade Programme on Advocacy and Communication (UNW-DPAC) organizes this conference.

Release : Solar map for 2005 for Africa / Europe / Middle East / parts of Asia and Latin America

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The IRENA Global Atlas is pleased to release the solar map for 2005 for Africa / Europe / Middle East / parts of Asia and Latin America (for the field-of-view of the Meteosat satellite). The dataset is an extract of the HelioClim3v4-MC database. Copyright 2013 MINES ParisTech / Transvalor. The dataset presents the Annual and Monthly Global Horizontal Irradiation / Diffuse Horizontal Irradiation and Direct Normal Irradiation for 2005 in kWh/m2.


EP Water group meeting- 27 Feb 2013 -Brussels

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On behalf of MEP Richard SEEBER, President of the EP Water Group, we are pleased to announce you the next EP Water Group meeting.

The theme of the meeting is: “Water & Energy”. 

An introduction speech will be given by MEP Richard Seeber, President of the EP Water Group.

The keynote speakers will be:

CONFRONTING SCARCITY: Managing water, energy and land for inclusive and sustainable growth

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Water, energy and land, three crucial resources for development and human well-being, are under increasing strain due to rising food prices, climate change, global population growth and economic growth. Today almost a billion people are undernourished, 0.9 billion have no safe water and 1.5 billion no source of electricity. Worse still, at current rates, by 2030 demand for energy and water will have grown by 40% – and by 50% for food.

The Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus, Bonn2011 Conference

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The German Federal Government is organizing the international “Bonn2011 Conference: The Water Energy and Food Security Nexus – Solutions for the Green Economy” to be held from 16 to 18 November. The conference has been announced by German Chancellor Angela Merkel as a specific German contribution to the UN Conference on Sustainable Development “Rio2012”.

Hydroelectric power plants: “Dam”age or not?

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This summer period was characterized by many controversies around the construction of big dams in many developing countries.

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