global warming

More pieces of the global warming puzzle assembled by recent research

 AlamyOriginally Published by The Guardian - Several important recent studies have helped to answer pressing climate questions.

Dot Earth Blog: An Earth Scientist Explores the Biggest Climate Threat: Fear

Originally Published by The NY Times

– A veteran earth scientist pushes back against dystopian depictions of global warming and the human response.    

Scientists look to ancient past to better predict how species may respond climate change

Originally Published by EurekAlert!

– Researchers have received an award from the National Science Foundation to study how plants and animals responded to changes in climate during the ice age to better predict what we can expect in the near future.

Thin Ice — the movie

Originally Published by RealClimate

– Some of my friends have made a film, Thin Ice, which tells the story of CO2 and climate from the standpoint of the climate scientists who are out there in the trenches trying to figure out what is going on. I have a small role in the film myself, and I am sure RealClimate readers will recognize many more familiar faces.

Severe Thunderstorms and Climate Change

 NASA Earth ObservatoryOriginally Published by NASA Earth Observatory - Will a warming climate alter the atmosphere and make severe thunderstorms more likely?

Dot Earth Blog: James Hansen is Leaving NASA to Intensify Campaign for Carbon Cuts

Originally Published by The NY Times

– At 72, a leading climate scientist leaves NASA to intensify his carbon-cutting campaign.

Dot Earth Blog: Fresh Thoughts from Authors of a Paper on 11,300 Years of Global Climate Changes

Originally Published by The NY Times

– The authors of an important new study comparing recent warming with the last 11,300 years answer questions.

Over 35,000 march on Washington demanding climate action and rejection of Canada’s ‘carbon bomb’

 ENNOriginally Published by ENN - Over 35,000 people rallied in Washington D.C. for urgent action on climate change, which, according to organizers, was the largest climate march in U.S. history.

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