Water Crisis and choices: 11-14Oct 2010

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How's your water? Share knowledge and explore solutions to ensure momentum and continuityof water developments up to and beyond 2015. This conference is the product of teamwork between ADB and many water partners that have contributed ideas, effort, and resources to plan a better water future for the Asia and Pacific region.


Community-based development in water and sanitation projects

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Community-based development in water and sanitation projects : supporting community-driven development in developing member countries. Manila, Philippines, Asian Development Bank. - ix, 94 p. : 9 tab. - Bibliography: p. 29-33. - ISBN 978-971-561-858-8

The objective of this study is to undertake a comparative analysis among community-based development (CBD) and/or community-driven development (CDD) projects, and between CBD and/or CDD and non-CBD and non-CDD projects in water supply and sanitation (WSS) to determine differences and similarities in achieving outcomes and effects


Decentralized Waste Water Treatment Solutions in Developing Countries

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Comienzo 23/03/2010 (Todo el día) Final 25/03/2010 (Todo el día)

Organised by: International Water Association (IWA) and Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association (BORDA)

The conference aims to bring together top wastewater and sanitation experts, governments, utilities and international agencies to share and discuss their expertise, knowledge and experiences on decentralised wastewater treatment solutions. The Conference will consist of a single track with presentations. There will be an exhibition taking place alongside the Conference.

Proposed themes:

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