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Marine fish may not live at optimum temperatures

Originally Published by environmentalresearchweb: all content

Many fish and and ocean invertebrates dwell where the water isn’t perfect for them, global study of community temperature index reveals

Deadly dam burst in Brazil prompts calls for stricter mining regulations

Originally Published by Environment | The Guardian

Six bodies have been found with 22 still missing in one of the country’s worst mining disasters as hundreds are displaced in Minas Gerais.

Changes in Atlantic Ocean circulation could bring higher pressure to British Isles

Originally Published by environmentalresearchweb: all content

But projections need better modelling of oceans to reduce uncertainty

Galileo satellites set for year-long Einstein experiment

Originally Published by ESA Top News

Europe’s fifth and sixth Galileo satellites – subject to complex salvage manoeuvres following their launch last year into incorrect orbits – will help to perform an ambitious year-long test of Einstein’s most famous theory.

Growing corals bathe themselves in acid without suffering damage

Originally Published by New Scientist – Earth

A coral reef has been seen raising the acidity in the water around it, suggesting that corals may survive ocean acidification caused by climate change

GEO Helps Launch Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

Global data collaboration has long been a driving goal of the Group on Earth Observations. The recent launch of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data promises to help forward that goal.

Live Coverage of GEO-XII


GEO-XII. Image Credit: Osha Gray Davidson/Earthzine


Undamming Rivers: A Chance For New Clean Energy Source

Originally Published by Yale Environment 360

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