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Bird communication: Chirping with syntax

Originally Published by Earth & Climate News — ScienceDaily

Inside the mouth of a hydra

Originally Published by EurekAlert! – Earth Science

What causes Death Valley’s sailing stones to move?

Originally Published by EarthSky

Octopus dubbed Casper the friendly ghost could be new species

Originally Published by Environment | The Guardian

Small, ghostly-white octopus was found in the deep sea off Hawaii and has been likened to the beloved cartoon character.


Mysterious chimp behavior evidence of sacred rituals?

Originally Published by EarthSky

I trampled clumsily through the dense undergrowth, attempting in vain to go a full five minutes without getting snarled in the thorns that threatened my every move.


February continues streak of record low Arctic sea ice extent

Originally Published by Yale Environment 360

Arctic sea ice was at a satellite-record low for the second month in a row. The first three weeks of February saw little ice growth, but extent rose during the last week of the month. Arctic sea ice typically reaches its maximum extent for the year in mid to late March.

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