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Einstein ring helps weigh a black hole

Originally Published by EarthSky

Scientists Studying Record-breaking Algal Bloom Ask: Why Is This Year Different?

Collaboration between state, federal and tribal entities protects public health, minimizes economic impacts, and may provide answers to why a massive West Coast algal bloom broke records this summer.

A Web-based Lesson on Ocean-Color Observations in the Red Sea: Phytoplankton Phenological Indices and Their Importance for Coral Reef Biology

A Web-based lesson called LearnEO! uses ocean color images to quantify phytoplankton seasonality and help us understand the functioning of coral reef ecosystems.

Howler monkeys return to Rio forest

Originally Published by BBC News – Science & Environment

Rio park gets noisy new inhabitants.

Deepest earthquakes seem to be seasonal but we don’t know why

Originally Published by New Scientist – Earth

Large magnitude, deep earthquakes occur more often between April and October – but the jury is still out on whether this is just down to chance

Eye on Earth Summit Comes During a Turning Point for Sustainable Development

Supporting sustainable development requires access to environmental, societal and economic data.

Women in Science: Dr. Patricia Gruber Scours the Globe for International Partners and Innovative Technology

A childhood fascination with the ocean sends one woman to the top of the Office of Naval Research Global, the international arm of the U.S. Navy’s science and technology office.

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