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Potential Hazards at Both Ends of the Lithium-Ion Life Cycle

 TMTV Originally Published by IEEE Spectrum - Battery recycling is a delicate business.

Multi-layer Superconductivity

Originally Published by ENN

– Superconductivity is a phenomenon of zero electrical resistance, and expulsion of magnetic fields occurring in certain materials when cooled below a characteristic critical temperature.

NASA Probe Locates Earth’s Third Radiation Belt

Originally Published by ENS

– NASA’s twin Van Allen Probes, robotic satellites launched last August, have now revealed a previously unknown third radiation belt around the Earth.

New ISS Eyes See Rio San Pablo

 NASA Earth Observatory.Originally Published by NASA Earth Observatory - ISERV Pathfinder camera system may eventually provide needed Earth observations to developing countries.

A scaly crisis: why we must act now to save reptiles

Originally Published by The Ecologist

– Anna Taylor summarises the findings of the most extensive research ever conducted on the global status of reptiles.

USAID RFA – Research on the Relationship of Population Density and Neighborhood-Level Sanitation

Research on the Relationship of Population Density and Neighborhood-Level Sanitation Access to Fecal-Associated Health Impacts usaidlogo

Ancient continent hides beneath Indian Ocean

 Michael Friedel/Rex Features)Originally Published by New Scientist - The sands on Mauritius's beaches are older than the island itself, suggesting a hidden continent is the source

UC Santa Barbara scientists develop a whole new way of harvesting energy from the sun

Originally Published by EurekAlert!

– A new method of harvesting the sun’s energy is emerging, thanks to scientists at UC Santa Barbara’s departments of chemistry, chemical engineering, and materials.

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