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Colored Rains Often Begin with Dust

 NASAOriginally Published by NASA Earth Observatory - Saharan storms can send plumes of dust drifting north toward Europe.

Apes are emotional about choices

 BBCOriginally Published by the BBC - Chimpanzees and bonobos react emotionally - sometimes appearing to throw "tantrums" - when they take risks that fail to pay off, say scientists.

Sizing Up Galeras

Originally Published by NASA Earth Observatory

– An airborne radar instrument allows scientists to ascertain the shape of a Colombian volcano. Future measurements will help detect how it is changing.

100% access by design: a financial tool for urban sanitation

PN009 Dhaka Financial AnalysisReliably assessing the cost of different sanitation solutions is a key urban planning challenge.

Research on Microbes Points To New Tools for Conservation

Photo of a pair of frogs. Courtesy of Vance VrendenburgOriginally Published by e360 - Improvements in DNA technology now make it possible for biologists to identify every living organism in and around a species.

Your best photos: May 2013 supermoon

Rising supermoon on May 24, 2013 as seen in Elk, California by our friend Mendocinosportplus.Originally Published by - The May 24-25 full moon moon is one day away from lunar perigee – the moon’s closest point to Earth for this month.

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