Nanoscavengers could usher in next generation water purification

Photo of antarctica.Originally Published by The Washington Post - The frozen landscape, dry valleys and active volcanoes that make up Antarctica provide a living laboratory for scientific study and a wondrous journey for those traveling to the ends of the Earth.

Warm Arctic, Chilly Mid-Latitudes


Laser Eyes Spy a Big Melt in the Arctic

 The Asahi Shinbun/Getty Images GREENLAND BLUES: Sensors are spying signs of climate troubles, such as this glacial lake in Greenland.
Originally Published by IEEE Spectrum - Airborne altimeters yield a d

What is signal and what is noise?

Originally Published by RealClimate

– The recent warming has been more pronounced in the Arctic Eurasia than in many other regions on our planet, but Franzke (2012) argues that only one out of 109 temperature records from this region exhibits a significant warming trend.

Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches New Maximum Extent

Originally Published by NASA Earth Observatory

– As the Arctic experienced a new record summer minimum for ice extent, the Antarctic set a new record for maximum winter sea ice.

Visualizing the 2012 Sea Ice Minimum

Originally Published by NASA Earth Observatory

– These maps compare Arctic sea ice minimum extents in 1984 (a year with average coverage) and 2012 (the new record low).

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