Why did the 400ppm carbon milestone cause barely a ripple?

 the ecologistOriginally Published by the Ecologist - Earlier this month the concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere reached 400ppm.

Carbon emissions helping to make Earth greener

Originally Published by New Scientist

– Increased atmospheric carbon dioxide is stimulating photosynthesis and boosting Earth’s plant cover – but the long-term consequences remain unclear    

EPA Limits Formaldehyde Exposure From Wood Products

Worker at Columbia Forest Products factory patches imperfections in finished plywood (Photo courtesy Columbia Forest Products)Originally Published by ENS - Giving expression to a law unanimously passed by Congress in 20

Mountain of Petroleum Coke From Oil Sands Rises in Detroit

Photograph of a large truck carrying oil sand. Dave Olecko/Bloomberg NewsOriginally Published by The NY Times - Refining Canada’s petroleum-soaked oil sands produces petroleum coke, which an environmentalist calls “the dirtiest residue from the dirtiest oil on earth.”

‘White graphene’ to clean up spills

Photograph of a river. Originally Published by The BBC - A material called boron nitride - originally touted as useful for next-generation electronics - turns out to be a high-performance pollutant absorber.

Joint conference on small water/wastewater systems & resource oriented sanitation

12th Specialised Conference on Small Water and Wastewater Systems and 4th Specialised Conference on Resource Oriented Sanitation
02-04 November 2014, Muscat, Oman

Organised by: International Water Association (IWA)

Providing water in areas with unsustainable usage

Figure 1. Identification of micro level in-field water harvesting sites in northwestern India using the Earth observation dataset.

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