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SHARE – Sanitation Markets: Using economics to improve the delivery of services

Sanitation Markets: Using economics to improve the delivery of services along the sanitation value chain, 2012.

Sophie Trémolet. SHARE.

In summary, a number of actions could be undertaken based on these findings:

China’s Corals Fall Victim to ‘Wicked Environmental Problems’

Flowerpot coral on the coast of China at Shenzhen, a major city just north of Hong Kong (Photo by longtinchin)Originally Published by ENS - China’s coral reefs have declined by 80 percent in the past three decades, destroyed by the c

What is signal and what is noise?

Originally Published by RealClimate

– The recent warming has been more pronounced in the Arctic Eurasia than in many other regions on our planet, but Franzke (2012) argues that only one out of 109 temperature records from this region exhibits a significant warming trend.

Greening the car: can we really do it?

Originally Published by The Ecologist

– Gavin Haines asks whether battery powered cars have finally turned a corner or whether their unpopularity thus far is surpassed only by their disappointing eco credentials?

BP settlement over Deepwater Horizon oil spill approved by federal judge

Originally Published by The Guardian

– Company estimates it will pay $7.8bn to 100,000 people and business who lost money because of April 2010 well blowout.

Renewed research call for low-cost sanitation technologies in Bangladesh [deadline18 Feb 2013]

IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre announces a renewed research call for:

Low-cost sanitation technologies for areas with high water tables

This call is part of the BRAC WASH II programme in which EUR 1.5 million will be used for innovative research, tendered to consortia of leading European and Bangladeshi research organisations.

The planned duration of the research project will be 18 months.

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