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Ancient Plants Reawaken: Plants Exposed by Retreating Glaciers Regrowing After Centuries Entombed Under Ice

 ScienceDailyOriginally Published by ScienceDaily - When University of Alberta researcher Catherine La Farge threads her way through the recently exposed terrain left behind by retreating glaciers, she looks at the ancient plant remains a lot closer than most.

2013 Geospatial World Forum to Focus on Monetization

Geospatial world forum logoHow can we monetize geospatial data and applications? The answer is not so obvious. For years, this topic was reserved to scientists who used geospatial data for research.

Providing water in areas with unsustainable usage

Originally Published by SPIE

– The Water for the World project is bringing fresh water to needy people by analyzing remote sensing imagery and other Earth observations.

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