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Revolutionary tidal fence is set to trap the sea’s power

Originally Published by Environment | The Guardian

A British company has announced plans for an array of unique marine turbines that can operate in shallower and slower-moving water than current designs.
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Climate Change Tightening its Grip on Bumblebee Habitat

Bumblebee habitats are shrinking in response to climate change, in a way that differs from the responses of other organisms.

Lightning reshapes rocks at the atomic level

Originally Published by Earth & Climate News — ScienceDaily

A lightning strike can reshape a mineral’s crystal structure, according to a new study. Researchers once believed only meteorites could do so.

El Niño conditions growing stronger

Originally Published by EarthSky

In March 2015, scientists declared that El Niño conditions – marked by warm sea surface temperatures in the equatorial Pacific – had developed.


As Ocean Waters Heat Up, A Quest to Create ‘Super Corals’

Originally Published by Yale Environment 360

Native Alaskans Study and Clean Up a Legacy of Pollution

Originally Published by NYT > Environment

On St. Lawrence Island, a former military listening post in the Bering Sea, native residents and scientists believe pollution has contributed to their poor health.

Nemo seems to thrive in waters warmed by climate change

Originally Published by New Scientist – Earth

A species of clownfish has been shown to grow bigger in warmer conditions, suggesting that some animals may benefit from global warming

The Ethics of Traditional Knowledge Exchange in Climate Change Initiatives

An essay exploring the ethical philosophy behind Guidelines for Considering Traditional Knowledges in Climate Change Initiatives.

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L-band Sensing Satellites Suffer Setbacks

Two recent setbacks to L-band microwave sensing missions have hindered our ability to study soil moisture and ocean salinity.

Big Data Flows: Water, Outsourcing, and the Flood of Data

Big Data is booming, and water utilities are beginning to be able to take advantage by leveraging the skills of those who already know how to collect and manage data.

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