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GIS Free-For-All

Using free and open source GIS programs and data platforms can eliminate costs associated with data processing, making Earth Observation data more profitable for all.

Graphene’s Role as a Superconductor Just Got Better

Originally Published by IEEE Spectrum Recent Content

For first time, Japanese researchers have observed “zero” electrical resistivity in graphene

Africa’s forests ‘threatened by palm oil rush’

Originally Published by Environment | The Guardian

Greenpeace France warns that tropical forests could be lost to a palm oil bonanza that has already razed millions of hectares of south-east Asia.

Just the fear of big predators can alter an entire ecosystem

Originally Published by New Scientist – Earth

In the first experiment of its kind, raccoons exposed to the sound of dogs spent much less time foraging and so populations of their prey got a boost.

B’more Cool: Monitoring the Urban Heat Island at High Density for Health and Urban Design

The B’more Cool initiative is exploring patterns of heat exposure and impact across Baltimore, Maryland,  and evaluating active and proposed mitigation and adaptation interventions.

Recharging California’s Diminishing Aquifers

With increasing attention on methods of recharging depleted aquifers, groundwater moves to the frontlines of drought mitigation in California

Mystery wind drought that cut US wind power in 2015 is back

Originally Published by New Scientist – Earth

The lowest levels of wind for half a century across much of North America cut wind-powered electricity output last year — and now the wind death is back.

Climate stirring change under the waves

Originally Published by BBC News – Science & Environment

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