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Cutting climate emissions from road resurfacing

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In California, thin and frequent resurfacing is best for greenhouse gas output, study says

New rainforests boost carbon capture

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The Arctic matters: extreme weather responds to diminished Arctic Sea ice

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The short answer to whether the disappearance of multi-year Arctic sea ice will make extreme weather events more frequent is yes….and no, according to Jennifer Francis.

Climate change in charts: from record global temperatures to science denial

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The world’s hottest year on record has prompted much media coverage. But there hasn’t been enough charts and graphs.

Seeing the Reef for the Corals

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Studying corals from above could help scientists understand how these critical ecosystems will weather a changing climate.

Looking Ahead: GEOGLAM in 2016

GEOGLAM looks to expand data sharing, refine and evolve the Crop Monitor, and grow community in the developing world during the next year.

NASA to Capture Best-Ever Portrait of Coral Reef Health

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NASA is about to get up close and personal with Earth’s corals: The space agency will use airplanes and water instruments to survey these delicate structures and capture the most detailed views ever of the planet’s corals.
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Earth Observations Outlook 2016: Earth Science Week

“Geoheritage awareness is essential for all citizens of the planet, who are the 21st-century inheritors, managers, and protectors of a vast wealth of irreplaceable natural treasures, billions of years in the making.”

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