e-Conference: Knowledge Management in the southern African water sector

Welcome to the free e-Conference on Knowledge Management in the southern African water sector!



To join the discussions of the e-conference on Joint Action in the southern African water sector, sign up NOW at http://econference.nepadwatercoe.org/.


Following from the first e-Conference in November 2012, the upcoming e-Conference will focus on the need for joint action towards water knowledge management, and challenges and problems that are being faced. To find out more, follow this link.


The e-Conference is hosted from 18 to 22 March by the NEPAD Southern African Network of Water Centres of Excellence (SANWATCE), in conjunction with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre.


The video by the keynote speaker, Dr. Inga Jacobs, will be available here to set the scene for the current  topic of discussion; Joint Action for Knowledge Management and will be available for viewing throughout the week.


All discussions and presentations will take place on this online platform AquaKnow.net, a collaborative workspace and content management system.


The first e-Conference in November 2012 focused on the Knowledge Chain: Generation, dissemination and feedback, the summary can be read here 


To join the discussions of the e-conference, sign up at:

http://econference.nepadwatercoe.org/ OR