AquaKnow is a European Commission initiative managed by the Joint Research Centre of Ispra, Varese, Italy. It is a collaborative workspace and content management system dedicated to technical and scientific knowledge for the sustainable development of the water sector.

Knowledge management and capacity building are key elements in the design and implementation of sustainable water management policies. AquaKnow is a dynamic platform for sharing knowledge on water sector related issues. It is a space for gathering and providing dynamic tools to manage scientific and technical information. These tools provide a powerful means of sharing documents, data, information, ideas, experiences, and of finding help and working with other stakeholders involved in the water sector.

The AquaKnow platform is designed for experts and practitioners of the institutions involved in the water sector such as governmental and non-governmental organisations, universities and research centres, international organisations, the private sector, water utilities, basin agencies, etc.

As in other interactive online platforms, users are central to the AquaKnow, as they provide and share the online information through this user-friendly interface.

AquaKnow is built on two axes:

-  Knowledge Management, whereby information is uploaded as part of thematic indexes within the following sections:

    - News,

    - Events,

    - Library (where information is stored in various document formats or links),

    - Capacity Building (which includes an inventory of training sessions, workshops, seminars and methodological tools), and 

    - Tools and Data (databases and tools for the water sector).

These indexes are populated by and directly updated by users and members.

-  Building a community using interactive and user-friendly tools that facilitate distance working and help to network users through improved online exchanges. The 'Working Groups' section is a specific space for developing collaborative work.


Our philosophy

The Working Group that initiated this project took the following criteria into account:

  • the increasing importance of knowledge as a factor in transforming Sector Performance
  • the opportunities available through advances in information technology
  • the favorable context for increasing harmonisation and aid efficiency


Knowledge management and capacity building are key elements for building a partnership-based sustainable water management approach.

AquaKnow is a dynamic platform. YOUR contribution is fundamental to enhancing and sharing the knowledge available regarding water issues. This platform provides the necessary tools for you to share your documents, data, information, ideas, experiences, and to find help and work with other stakeholders involved in the water sector.


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