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    The GISEPIC AFRICA system was used to spatially assess environmental impacts of different agriculture scenarios on water and soils by assessing nitrogen leaching and runoff losses. The comparison of different management scenarios pointed out a potential increase of the environmental impact on water and soil and highlighted the importance of irrigation practices influencing environmental impact of different scenarios: it was shown how irrigation practices can bring to a more sustainable production reducing water stresses and allowing the crops to uptake efficiently the nutrients available in the soil or added with fertilizer, which are no longer available for leaching or transport with surface runoff.

  • Los tres ejes temáticos de trabajo de  RALCEA contribuyen al refuerzo de  las capacidades  relativas a la gestión de los recursos hídricos en América Latina.
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    An overview of the current state of flood forecasting and early warning in Africa is provided in order to identify future user needs and research. Information was collected by reviewing previously published research in the scientific literature and from institutional websites. This information was supplemented by data collected from a questionnaire sent to hydrological and meteorological institutions that were identified as potentially dealing with

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